Touraj Taslimi

Electrical Designer and Consultant

Touraj Taslimi was born in 1980 in Amol city in Mazandaran province. After high school, he studied electrical-power engineering at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.
After graduating, he worked for Pars Tableau Company and after some time, he started working on construction projects. After joining the Mazandaran Construction Engineering Organization, in addition to supervising the implementation, he started designing small projects and then acquiring information and learning national standards such as national building regulations and publications 110 and international standards such as IEC and NFPA72 and gaining knowledge under the supervision of experienced designers, he is currently working as consultants and designers on large projects.

He believes that each project has its own story and electrical design is not just a technical task. Rather, a good electrical designer should listen to the wishes of the employer and offer the most optimal solution by mentioning the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the result of the electrical design must be such that the architectural design is done in accordance with the opinion of the project architect. Therefore, in addition to complying with standards and technical tips, electrical design has details that can only be obtained through experience.